Outstanding Gold Coin Services

Professional Gold Coin Services

Lacey Rare Coins Inc provides a wide range of professional coin services. Stop by our shop to see what's available. Rest assured knowing the coins we deal in are authentic and many of them have a small piece of interesting history attached to them. Our gold coin services include:
  • Buy and sell a variety of gold and silver coins
  • Coin supplies
  • Coin albums
  • Coin appraisals and evaluations while buying and selling
You'll be happy to know that we also buy or sell gold coins on consignment. Even if you're not buying or selling your coins, you can bring them to us to get their authenticity evaluated. We can tell you beyond a doubt whether a coin is fake or genuine.

A lot of fake coins have come into circulation in recent years as online transactions have made it easy for fake coins to be sold and purchased. Having your coin's authenticity validated by us will help you get it insured.
Gold Coins

Criteria We Follow When Buying a Coin

We will buy American Eagles and Canadian Maple Leaf coins and U.S. gold coins after an evaluation. The price and value of a coin is based on its weight, year minted, mint mark and overall condition.

The condition of a coin is based on a 70-point scale, with 1 being the lowest (poor condition) and 70 being the highest quality (absolutely perfect). We take into consideration the condition of the coin and how it was stored.

We also look for mint marks, such as D which stands for Denver, O or New Orleans or P for Philadelphia. We will also judge a coin by its weight and will do a comprehensive gold test. 

Store Your Valuable Coins Safely With Our Supplies 

Have you been wondering about the proper way to store your coins? You will be pleased to learn that we have a variety of coin holders and supplies available to protect and display your coins, Along with coin tubes, you'll find plastic coin pages and coin albums in stock. 

We are a leading name in the local retail business. You will find top-quality gold and silver bars, and even rounds. (A round is a non-coin piece of metal, generally made of silver.)

If for some reason, you wish to return a coin that you have pruchased from us, you can do so within 10 days from the date of purchase. Just make sure you return the coin with the sales slip, in the same holder and in the same condition. Call 360-438-1432 today, or stop by to talk to our owner about your coins. He'll answer all your questions!
FREE estimates are available. Visit us at 805 College St. SE, Suite D today. 

Written estimates are provided at $50 per hour for a minimum of 3 hours.Get in touch with us today for your an insurance appraisal for your coins.

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