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If you are looking for a reliable coin dealer in Lacey, WA, you will definitely have to stop by Lacey Rare Coins Inc at 805 College St. SE, Suite D. Check out our collection of historically significant and valuable coins and currency notes! Our owner is an avid coin collector who has been buying and selling coins since 1989.

FREE estimates are available. We also provide written estimates for insurance purposes at $50 per hour for a minimum of three hours. Our owner is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about numismatics. 
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Meet Our Owner - a Passionate Numismatist

Our owner developed a passion for coins while traveling through Asia and Europe during the 1960s through the 1980s. 

He has always found fascination with the history of coins and how they were made; coins he notes, have been around 3,000 years before the birth of Jesus Christ.

After buying and selling coins since 1989, Dennis opened Lacey Rare Coins Inc. in 2004. Depend on the only coin dealer in Lacey, WA for reliable, honest service. 
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